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Armadillo Repellent

Armadillo Repellent

Mobile Armadillos are nocturnal animal, they dig burrows underground and build like 30-40 burrows in the yard or the ground. Most people do not like a burrow to be dug in their garden or yard. They usually dig to find food like grubs, warms and other insects. Since they have a poor eyesight, they also bump into a lot of things and can also be responsible for breaking things by bumping into them. So if you are facing any of the above problems, then it is time to get rid of Alabama Armadillos. You can either use repellents or traps to remove them from your property. Using traps to catch them is the best method to free your property from any Armadillo. Here we will discuss different types of Armadillo repellents that can be used by you.

1. Mothballs
Basically mothballs are a combination of different types of chemicals which give off vapours which are deadly to insect larvae and moths. Although it is still quite not sure that they are 100% effective on Mobile Armadillo’s or not. So the basic idea behind using mothballs is that since they smell bad, they can repel Armadillos away. But most of the time they just brush them aside and keep on digging.

2. Coyote Urine
You can also use urine of any other predator like wolf or bobcat instead of Coyote Urine too. So this method is common with most of the pests. They usually get scared if they smell the scent of their predator. This makes them run away from that Alabama property. They won’t go near the place where there is urine present. So if you can spray the urine near all the burrows, then they won’t be going in them anymore. The urine is sold in powder form and liquid. Sometimes it is also mixed with mothballs.

3. Castor Oil
The idea behind using castor oil is that since Mobile Armadillos dig inside the oil to find food like grubs and worms so if there is castor oil present in the yard, then there won’t be any grubs. So this makes the yard unsuitable for dug. If Armadillos can’t find food in your Alabama property, they will go to a different place.

4. High Pitch Sound Machine
This type of repellent is usually common with all types of Alabama pests. Using high frequency sound that can only be heard by them, can repel them away. So you can use all the above repellents to get rid of the Armadillos but still the best way is to trap them and be free of them.

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