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How To Get Rid Of Bats

How To Get Rid Of Bats in Alabama

Mobile Bats are the protected species and it is really illegal and inhuman to kill them, so in case any bat get into your house accidentally, try not to make use of any toxic products or do not chase after it to get rid of them. Rather there are numerous ways to get them out of the house following which you can safely put them out of the house. Some of the important tricks to eradicate Alabama bat from house are listed below.

Identify and seal the entry points
Bats can make their way into any Mobile house through any small holes, even a ½ inch diameter hole is enough for their entry. So, first identify that small holes and seal it off. But ensure to keep one hole open so that the bat can go out. It is also suggested to install one way devices in all the entry and exit point for better result. Netting, funnels, cones and screening can be used in the exit point.

Install fiberglass under the floor and roof
Pushing fiberglass under the roof, floor and into the wall can easily solve out your problem sometime as it deters the bats and they are forced to leave the place. However, it does not require complete fiber insulation rather some layers will be effective enough to send the Alabama bats out of the home.

Use repellents
There are many commercial Mobile bat repellents available in the market that can do the job instantly. For example naphthalene is a good repellent for removing bats that have a strong smell. But there is some problem as well with using these chemical products as these are dangerous for human and animal both and killing animal is not at all suggested. Also these products are not long lasting and require re-application. For example, the smell of naphthalene will go off few days once it is dissolve and gradually the Alabama bats will get adjusted to this smell also.

Trapping is another way to get rid of the Mobile bats. Buy an Alabama bat trap and place it in the exit point of the bats. Once they are captured, relocate them and the problem will be solved for then.

Call an expert
Bat removal agencies are another best way that can remove all the pesky Alabama bats from the house in a proper way. They make sure that all the bats will be out of house safely and no harm will happen to them.

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