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Snake Prevention Tips: How To Keep Snakes Away

How To Keep Alabama Snakes Away

Mobile Alabama Snakes create major nightmare as it can be really dangerous to the entire family around the whole world. Though most of the snakes do not have poison still a single sight on your property is quite upsetting and getting rid of them is very important. There are various methods that can be adopted to get rid of this Alabama pest.

Setting up Fence
Fencing around the entire perimeter of the property can prevent Mobile snakes from invading your property. However first we need to decide whether an expensive or a cheaper fencing will suffice the need. Material used in fencing are usually wood or vinyl which are quite durable as it is installed into the ground and buried at least few inches. This type of fencing is expensive and might not be suitable for every house. Regular fencing is the other option which is done by digging a ditch at the base of the fence and then securing it with steel mesh of less than a quarter inch through the entire fencing into the ditch which is buried. Make sure there is no gap at the bottom of the fence since Alabama snakes can crawl and can squeeze through those tiny gaps. There is a cheaper option where a temporary landscaping is done with a hard or a soft material which needs to be buried underground.

Catch net
Catch net can be used which acts like a trap rather than a fence which usually does not work as Mobile snakes vary in size and only correct sized snakes are caught through this technique.

Clean the yards regularly
We need to keep our homes and yard free from clutters as dark and warm places are snakes hideout and breeding grounds. Yards should be free from piles of grass, leaves or compost, stacks of firewood and any other plants which can give shelter to Mobile snakes. Gardens should be regularly mowed and make sure that yards are not packed up with thick trees and shrubs.

Use repellents
There are some Mobile snake repellents which are available online or over the counter however it does not guarantee 100% effectiveness. Common repellents used are mothball flakes, sulfur, urine of some predators which are sold in solid form and high frequency ultrasound emitters. These repellents have toxic chemicals which are harmful for kids and pets at home. Natural remedies do not have any harmful effect on human beings as they are made up of natural ingredients like mint, hot pepper or cinnamon but they are hardly effective on Alabama snakes.

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